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Your experiences can make a difference!

Getting a job is itself a big venture. This journey includes all your hard work, your sincerity, your positive attitude and your futuristic approach etc. All these things contribute a lot towards your success. After getting selected for a job you would like to thank each and every individual who helped you to reach that […]


Why You Want to Work With Us? Answering the Typical Interview Question

There are two wide angles of this question: Why are you interested in this company? How you describe your interest in the job? When an interviewer asks you- “Why you want to work with us?” that means he wants to collect information as: • Get some details about your goals related to career and what you […]


Why can’t you secure a Job? – Recruiters Point of View

Recruiters often spend their time in interview sessions so they get a chance to meet different types of candidates. After years of experience, they use to get a perfect idea about which candidate can pursue a bright career in their company and how much beneficial he/she can be for the overall growth. So, if you […]


Who can qualify to be an HR Manager?

In our current modern materialistic world, where everything can be bought and sold and human lives are measured in a weigh alongside mere capital, it is quite hard to discover individual of gold heart, who desire nothing but the service of humanity. However rest assured; the search shall not be in vain. It often occurs […]


Where Do You See Yourself After 5 Years? Time to Nail this Question

Do you feel like interviewers are going to judge your psychic level by asking this question? Of course not! No one can predict the future so clearly but those experts are just trying to judge your career goals. It is time to let them know that what plans you have for this job. Definitely! They […]


What’s Social Recruiting and Advantages?

Social recruiting is a concept which is concerned with recruiting prospective candidates using social media channels and networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Axpert Jobs etc. Initially it was used to compliment traditional recruitment methods though nowadays it has taken over the traditional recruitment. Social recruitment has made it easy for the recruitment agencies and […]