Why Organizational Culture is Important?

Organization Culture

Organizational culture can be defined as the set of values, assumptions, and beliefs that are shared by the employees of an organization. These beliefs are used as a reference by the employees to achieve performance standards. In other words, organizational culture sets how employees take various decisions in performing their duties. Researchers have recognized that organization culture guides and shapes the attitudes and behaviors of both employers and employees. A positive organizational culture contains shared values that align with the overall goal of the organization, while a negative organizational culture often results in unhappy and self-serving employees.

One of the prime examples of a positive organizational culture is Google. The organizational culture of Google is such that the employees enjoy working towards a common goal. Some of the aspects of positive culture include employees embracing creativity, positive communication and flexible hours. Although the organizational culture doesn’t always force the employees to embrace the mission and vision of an organization, it increases satisfaction levels of employees. In the long run, this culture makes it easier for employees to buy into the long-term goals of the organization.

Building a positive organizational culture is a complex task that involves several factors. The leaders and human resource management need must implement plans to achieve it, which takes significant energy and time. Those who make the extra effort to develop a positive culture reap the benefits of employee engagement. An organization’s culture should be aligned in such a manner that every employee is on the same page to achieve common organizational goals. This involves clear company aims, a sense of purpose for each employee and room to grow. The organizational culture should cultivate a sense of recognition for all employees ranging from new internee to the CEO.


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