What type of Web Hosting does a Website need?

Web Hosting

Web hosting can be defined as space where you can store all your computer files like documents, HTMLs, videos, images etc. However, the term web hosting denotes the company which is renting out their server in order to store your webpage while providing you with net connectivity thus enabling third parties to access the files stored on your site. Before discussing the kind of web hosting most suited for your website you need to have an understanding of the various types of web hosting services you can avail.

Shared Hosting

This is a low-cost web hosting service meant for starters where several other websites would be placed on the same server as yours. Therefore all the domains will be sharing the RAM, the CPU, and other server resources. Shared hosting is considered to be the ideal hosting option for starters. Some of the disadvantages of shared hosting are its limited ability to deal with high traffic and spikes. Moreover, it doesn’t give you any root access.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Here the server is divided into a number of virtual servers which turn hosts the individual websites on their personal dedicated server though the server is actually being shared with a number of other users. This kind of web hosting will give you root access to your personal virtual space and also offer you with an enhanced and secured hosting environment. If you don’t want to spend on a dedicated server but want better control then go for this option. However, one significant drawback of VPS hosting is its limited ability to cope with spikes and high traffics. The performance of your website could be affected by the other websites on your server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This kind of web hosting service gives you the best control over the server where your website is stored. Usually, big companies go for this option. Dedicated server hosting would give you the option of renting an entire server exclusively. Since your website is the only one that is stored on the server you will get unparalleled speed. The only disadvantage of this kind of web hosting is the huge price tag. Dedicated server hosting is rather expensive and it is meant for big company websites that require total control for enhanced performance of the servers.

Cloud Hosting

This is a web hosting service that would give you unlimited ability to deal with traffic spikes. A cloud is like a group of servers that function together so as to host a number of websites. Cloud hosting would allow a number of computers to work simultaneously so as to handle the spikes or high traffic levels for individual websites.

If you are a starter then you should ideally start with an efficient shared hosting. Make sure that your shared hosting provider is a good one or else you would run the risk of spending time on problems that aren’t supposed to happen. Once your website/blog traffic level starts to boost then you have to think about switching on to a managed host.

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