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Cara J. Maxwell

165 NW 6th Street, Oak Island, NC 28465



-Bachelor’s degree in Coastal Biology with minors in Leadership and Psychology from the University of North Florida 2013-2018

-Member of the Division I Swim Team at the University of North Florida 2013-2017

Work Experience

Animal Keeper & Trainer, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, September 2019-April 2020

-Head trainer for a caribou calf, moose, bald eagle, and grey wolf

-Used operant conditioning techniques to train novel behaviors

-Created and implemented a record system for training sessions

-Completed daily husbandry tasks such as graining hoofstock, making diets, and cleaning enclosures

-Assisted in administering injections and medications

Animal Care Specialist, Alaska SeaLife Center, June 2019-September 2019

-Utilized positive reinforcement techniques to train and upkeep husbandry, veterinary, and research behaviors for arctic ice seals (spotted 3.1 and ringed 3.1), Steller sea lions 3.3, and Northern sea otters 5.1

-Participated in metabolic and photometric research projects with arctic ice seals

-Provided public presentations and encounter experiences for harbor seals and Northern sea otters

-Kept daily records for all training sessions

-Managed daily food preparations for all animals including mammals and birds

-Provided and tracked enrichment for all mammals

-Water quality collection

-Assisted in the rehabilitation of a walrus calf

Marine Science Instructor, Kenai Fjords Tours April 2019-July 2019

-Provided seasonal educational opportunities for school groups to learn about Alaska’s marine environment

-Taught marine mammal adaptation courses

-Served as a deckhand for multiple boats

Marine Mammal Husbandry/Eider Duck Fellow, Alaska SeaLife Center October 2017-December 2017

-Used positive reinforcement techniques to upkeep husbandry behaviors for harbor seals 2.1 and northern sea otters 2.0

-Administered eye drops, medicine, and vitamins

-Assisted in the rehabilitation of a beluga calf and walrus

-Daily food preparations and tracking for all marine mammals and eider ducks

-Led presentations and tours for the marine mammal encounter program

-Observed veterinary techniques including Northern sea otter castration and tag          application

-Assisted in metabolic, photometric, and respirometry research projects

-Carried out interpretation shifts and front of the house duties

Marine Animal Rescue Team Intern, Clearwater Marine Aquarium     May 2017-August 2017

-Response and handling of live and deceased cetaceans, sea turtles, and North American river otters

-Acted as a first responder, maintained crowd control, and transport for stranded animals

-Monitored the rescue hotline and dispatched volunteers

-Presented aquarium demonstrations

-Coordinated volunteers and organized outreach programs

-Monitored behavioral changes of bottlenose dolphins

Volunteer Experience

Marine Mammal Trainer Volunteer, Alaska SeaLife Center October 2018-June 2019

-Returned following fellowship to participate in training sessions using operant conditioning techniques to upkeep husbandry behaviors for spotted seals 2.0 and northern sea otters 5.1

-Assisted in data collection for photometric and metabolic data collection

-Monitored the health of all marine mammals

-Took part in food preparation including vitamin and medicine administration

Dolphin Acoustic Research in the St. Johns River, University of North Florida         September 2016-December 2016

-Participated in collection of man-made underwater acoustics to determine how they affect bottlenose dolphins that live primarily in the St. Johns River

-Proficient with hydrophones, GPS systems, and measuring salinity

Assisted in a Mass Stranding of Pilot Whales, Taylor County, FL June 2017

-Collaborated with SeaWorld Orlando and Clearwater Marine Aquarium to respond to several stranded Pilot Whales

-Acquired live cetacean handling experience by using proper restraint

-Assisted in transport of animals and data collection

Volunteer Sea Turtle Patrol, Jacksonville, FL August 2016

-Patrolled Jacksonville beaches in search of sea turtle nests

-Excavated nests, collected data on eggs/deceased turtles

Employment History

Assistant Swim Coach, Seward Tsunami Swim Club October 2018-Present

-Led organized swim practices that emphasized correct stroke technique

-Provided swim meet opportunities to foster team competition

Assistant Manager at Sweet Darlings Candy Store October 2018-March 2019

-Completed front-of-the-house duties including taking orders, providing excellent customer service, and providing quality guest experience


Member of the American Associations of Zookeepers

PADI Open Water Certified

CPR/First Aid Certified

Dolphin SMART Certified

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