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Annaamalai. ** *

 Development of PID, PFD, UFD & BFD.
 Line Sizing Calculation.
 Pump hydraulic Calculation.
 Depressurization of system using HYSYS and UNISIM.
 Network Analysis using HYSYS.
 Control Valve Calculation.
 Tank settling Calculations.
 PSV sizing calculation, Cause & effect matrix.
 Preparation of Design basis, Utility summary, Adequacy Reports.
 Equipment and Instrument Datasheet Preparation.
 Familiar with International STDs and Codes such as KOC, KNPC, API, Shell DEP, PTS.
 Preparation of Heat and Material Balance (H&MB).
 Site survey experience and report preparation.
 Experience in handling HAZOP, HAZID, PHSER & Model reviews.

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