Recruitment process

The recruitment process is a critical part of the human resource management. To recruit an employee a proper strategy is planned. Recruitment is basically the process of finding the most appropriate candidate from a pool of applicants. The selection of an applicant is most often considered one of a very vital function in an organization. The organization execute a proper staffing plan and decide how many employees that can recruit. This decision is made on various internal and external factors. The internal factors are annual budget of the organization, production levels, global expansion plans, while the external factors include changes in technology, changes in law, ratio of unemployment etc.

Though it might seem easy and not a tedious task, but recruitment of the right person, with right skills, for the right position takes a lot of practice, experience, talent and a perfect strategy. The first and obvious step in recruitment is the acknowledgement of a job vacancy in the organization. The human resource management then comes up with a job description for the vacancy. Looking up to the job description the HRM decides to first find an employee from the internal staff. If any person from the internal staff meets the requirement of the job, he/she is motivated to apply for the job. however, advertising the job openly for internal staff and outside member brings more diversity to the organization.

The next step is the receiving of applications, which must be handled with great respect and should be examined thoroughly. The manager of the selection committee analyses all the applications and then short-list the candidates which meet the selection criteria. The selection criteria include education, competence, experience, skills, personality. After shortlisting the candidates, interviews are conducted. Then the successful candidates are formally notified.

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