Necessity of Training and Development

Training and development is a learning method in which individuals improve their knowledge, confidence, and skills (Aguinis, 2009). Training sharpens the skills, changes the attitude, improves concepts and increases the performance of the worker.

Large establishments basically offer training platforms to their employees for improved application of skills. Now a day all organizations are competing against each other, so every day is a learning day of individuals. This made the establishment to be energetic in the market. Training and development improve the employee satisfaction and self-esteem. Most of the workers may have confidence issues and some other weaknesses but training program allows them to enhance their confidence and strengthen their week points. It also increases output and loyalty to excellent results. Training and development encourage creativity (Burke, 2017). New concepts can be made as straight results. By applying for a solid and fruitful training program it helps to maintain your company brand and it also makes your organization a major consideration for those individuals who want to start their career. Mixed learning is also very effective for new and old employees. It consists of online learning and classroom learning. A healthy development and training program certifies that individuals have a reliable practice and sound knowledge (Burke, 2017).

Training and Development decrease the supervision and direction and it encourages confidence in employees (Aguinis, 2009). It reduces the accidents at the workplace. Training classes also improve human relations within a department and the relationship of the employees with the supervisor. It also increases the organizational capability flexibility and scalability in a competitive world. Training awards the employees with productive chances based on experiences. It also fulfills career achievements (Burke, 2017).

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