To be Competitive through Strategic HR and Its Benefits

July 24, 2019 in Jobs & Career Blog

HR practices, compensation and employee relations are used in the HR strategies to be competitive. HR strategies develop strong environment and help organization to be a better place for work. HR strategies assists in attaining the goals of company or organization which assures successful outcomes. There can be different kind of strategies in Human Resources unit such as communication strategy and overarching strategy.


Overarching is described as general intention and relation of the organizations that how it can be managed according to resources and attracting with other organizations. It helps in developing highly appreciated work performances within an organization by managing pay sections, reward and other career developments of employees.

Team Spirit through HR Strategies

The HR system of organization can be only concerned with the mission of organization so eventually it helps in evaluating HR policies and other matters. The most important benefit of using strategies is that it creates team spirit and stakeholders rely on organization by seeing the bond of teammates. The vision and mission of HR can influence progress only through using different techniques and strategies.

The strategies help in create satisfactory environment for employees and providing them functional policies for the future. The benefits can be achieved in Human resources when the practice is employee oriented which include investment in employees. It is obvious that strategic planning in HR operate employees as the tool to run and support organizational business. It influence positivity in outcomes and boost up the goals of organization. The strategies are helpful in making environment successful and make it easy for employees to reach the goal of organization.

How to Out Hire Your Competitors

April 13, 2019 in Jobs & Career Blog

In the competitive world of today, every business is striving for offering something that the competitors do not have at their disposal. Having the resources better than your competitors will surely make your business standout in the market. Same is the case with having the best suitable employees. If you want to be successful in the corporate world, you need to have a workforce that is professionally, technically, psychologically, socially and information wise superior to that of your competitors. There are five tips to make sure you hire the best. These tips are as under;

Do they know their Employer Brand?

This is one question you have to answer before you hire an employee. The HR department must make sure that the employees who have been hired or are about to be hired have a clear image of the employer brand n their mind. Only then they would be able to perform at their best. They will own the brand if they are given effective orientation of the brand they are becoming a part of.

Create a Culture

There must be a culture of promoting and following the best virtues of social practices and interaction such as benefits, taboos rituals and myths of the people associated to the brand. It can be done through main employees gather information.

Plan Your Workforce Availability

The department must identify the supply of the talent to the company through talent assessment. Having an eye on the future needs is also crucial. If the HR is able to identify the gaps, it will be able to derive favorable outcomes.

Human Resource Redefined

April 13, 2019 in Jobs & Career Blog

Role of Human Resource

Human resource provides, retains and maintains the workforce for an organization and makes sure that the employees work at their maximum. Human resource department plays the role of a bride between the employees and the management of any organization.

Backbone of an organization

The role of human resource is like the backbone as it keeps the skeleton of an organization intact and provides balance. If a company does not have a good human resource department, employees could not be handled and retained properly. It is the human resource department which is responsible for hiring the suitable candidates for specific jobs. After hiring the suitable candidates, the responsibility of human resource department is to make sure that the employees get all the suitable conditions and resources to perform at their best for the betterment of the organization.

Not Just a Hiring Department

The role and responsibilities of human resource department is not limited to hiring and firing employees as it was believed to be in the past. With the changing scenarios and increasing competition between the businesses worldwide, the human resource department as also evolved quite a lot. Employee retention, making sure their rights are met, keeping an eye on the performance of the employees and taking measures to enhance the abilities and productivity of the employees have also become some of the core responsibilities of human resource department.

Out of all the resources an organization has to carry out the functions and perform the tasks it is supposed to perform, human resource is the most valuable of all.

Training and Development

July 29, 2018 in Jobs & Career Blog

In order to ensure its competitive position in the market, a company must carry out training and developmental programs for their employees. Training and development is a very important part of an organization and has a vital role in human resource management. It is the best way to upgrade the skills of the employees as per the changing environment and according to the rising competition in the market. Training and development always give a higher quality output from the employees. Most of the companies consider training and development programs as a fundamental part of the human resource development (HRD) activity.

Most of the organizations consider training and development as one and the same thing. The truth is a bit different. Training and development are two different branches of the same tree. Training basically refers to the process of conferring job-related specific skills to the employees. The concern of a training is to enhance the skills of an employee for a specific job and is provided time by time whenever the need of an up gradation is felt. It is mostly for the operatives. Whereas development refers to all those learning activities designed to help the employee grow. It does not only emphasize on developing the skills but all those attributes which will be helpful to the employees in their higher designations or in the near future. These are usually psychological oriented programs designed by the professionals in the job mainly for the managerial staff of the organization.

Previously, many of the organizations did not believe in training and development. They were of the view that the staff enters the organization with all the skills in their hands. They also believed that these programs involve much cost and are not worthy. However, according to the modern approach, the organizations feel like training and development are more of retention and thus invests more in it.

What is HR Outsourcing

What is HR Outsourcing?

July 28, 2018 in Jobs & Career Blog

Human resource outsourcing can be defined in a variety of ways. It is the process of sub-contracting the human resource functions to an external supplier. In can be simplified and explained as that HR outsourcing is basically an agreement between the employer and a third party which does not belong to the company in any manner. The employer handovers the management and responsibility of certain HR functions to the HR outsourcing firm. The function of HR outsourcing firm is to meet those needs. Different types of HR outsourcing options are available, for example, an employer can outsource a specific aspect of HR or as vast as outsourcing the entire HR function. The services mostly offered by HR outsourcing firms include functions like Administering the organizational structure and staffing requirements, Recruiting the talent, training them and arranging developmental programs, managing the health benefit plans, Administering the work compensations, Organizing the employee orientation programs. The HR outsourcing firms also manage the payrolls and maintain the tax files. Apart from all these managing all the legal fulfillment’s and other such functions.

Outsourcing HR has many advantages in different of the major and most important benefits of outsourcing HR is that much cost is saved because the company does not have to hire a large number of people to complete various tasks. HR outsourcing firms help to reduce the business risks. By outsourcing the HR firms, the potential for turnover is also reduced. It helps the employee to relax that even if there is a turnover the work would not be affected. New functions can be included in the business because by hiring a team of exclusively talented and skilled people the new operations can be assisted excellently.

So if you want to grow your business and wondering what step you need to take next to fuel growth, don’t be afraid to look into outsourcing. A lot of companies have been successful with this route. In fact, even the largest companies, like Google, outsource their services to remote employees (check out this list of outsourcing examples). Outsourcing is really one of the solutions you need to grow your business properly and continue to compete in on a global scale.

Importance of Relieving Letter

July 27, 2018 in Jobs & Career Blog

In this article I would like to let everyone know the Important of Relieving Letter. The intent of issuing the experience or relieving letter is almost the same. A relieving letter is issued to the employee when he is leaving the organization. In simple words, a reliving letter is the documented proof that a person has fulfilled his responsibilities in a certain company, at a certain position, during the specific time period. However, the issue is that most of the employees while leaving the company don’t even think about getting their experience or reliving letter. They are in such a hurry to get their dues cleared and join another organization that they don’t even ponder over the consequences they might encounter due to the absence of experience letter.

Relieving letter holds great significance as it is issued to the employees who serve the notice period. If by any chance, an employee ignores the significance of reliving letter by fleeing the notice period then he/she has to face severe complications in finding other jobs. Where ever you go, every company asks you for the documented proof of the duration you spent in your previous company. Without that proof, no company is willing to take you seriously.

If you are an HR Manager, small business owner or a recruiting manager then:

What is your take on this issue? Will you seriously consider hiring a person in your organization who eloped the notice period in his/her previous organization?

The Future of Human Resource: Artificial Intelligence Realities

July 26, 2018 in Jobs & Career Blog

A tremendous number of sectors and companies have been impacted profoundly in the past years by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. For instance, the functions of the supply chain have undergone massive changes and warehouses have been robotized to new standards. Additionally, other corporate and support functions have also embraced this technology wave, but they differ regarding pace and speed. The perfect illustration today is human resources where pioneer organizations have started to shift towards digital HR although most of the companies are still ion the conceptualization and reflection stages. On the one hand, there exist a feeling that is overwhelming and one that is related to the immensity of the possible on matters related to the offering of the HR technologies and on the other hand, there exists a dire need to answer the ever-growing expectations from a workforce that is evolving.

The main equation that is common is being faced by the HR C-levels today, and it ensures that the roadmaps of HR will become relevant in the C-suite and aid in the streamlining of organizations while at the same time improving the experiences of employees. AI technologies are concretely impacting on the HR community as they are v acknowledge as being a critical component of the future of most of the HR service delivery model. Almost all discussions today revolve around how to incorporate cognitive solutions, robots, and chatbots within departments in Human Resources. It is observed that the AI technologies are now being embedded fully within the community of HR. In conclusion HR professionals and AI technologies have started to be recognized as aspects that add value to employees. Therefore, most initial doubts and fears about them have been overcome.


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