It’s Time to Bridge the Gap between Your Career and Passion

Our decision-making abilities and knowledge help us to stand as a unique species on this planet. As a human being, we behave differently; on the basis of our experience that develops day by day we learn how to dress up, what to eat and how to be social. For almost every matter of our life, we have a unique opinion and we love to take decisions independently as per our choice.But the strange fact is that when it is time to take the most important decision of our life, the moment when we have to step forward towards our career then we allow others to take a decision. Isn’t that sad?

There are so many professions in this world out of which we can easily make a healthy choice as per our interest. Think for a while! Do we really need some folks to witness are spectacle career for us? Okay..! First of all let me ask a question, “who decides that a particular career option is respectful or not”? And in this decision-making process why we forget to ask ourselves about what makes us feel passionate? There must be a particular thing that brings shine to your eyes and you love to enjoy for hours. Do you know! The real fact is that when we follow a career of our choice then our job never makes us tired rather it helps us to feel much refreshed with each passing moment.

You can easily find so many jobs in India but before joining any of these ask your heart what it wants. Follow the inspiration of your mind and your inner happiness will soon create miracles in your life. Only the pursuit of passion can make you a super star and will definitely help you to excel in life. No one uses to have a silver spoon in the mouth by birth, it is the burning desire in our soul and mind that help us to succeed in our dreams. The same lesson is taught by most of the ever loved inspirational movies like “Three Idiots”,“Tamasha” etc.

If you keep on following what others use to command in your life then you are going to behave like a slave for a lifetime. Hey! Just wake up. This life is the gift of God for you and only you have ultimate control over it. Get up and start following your dreams; the real happiness lies in your our desires and self-directed goals. If any of your experienced neighbors suggests that you must be an engineer then it clearly doesn’t mean that you are born to be an engineer but if you feel like engineering is the best profession for you then one day you will prove it to yourself as well as rest of the world. The central idea is to go for introspection before making a decision about your career; choose the brightest path and then start working hard to achieve your goals. You have to take a chance, step ahead with risk but develop faith inside your heart and one day you will be able to enjoy the real happiness of your life: Your career and Passion both are in your hands.

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