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How to go about evaluating and negotiating a Job Offer

Once you have landed a job the hardest part is to decide whether or not you should accept the job, How should you go about assessing the benefits as well as salary and how to try to get a better deal and what is the best way to decline a job offer.

Here are a few tips to go about the whole process of evaluating the job offer that you might have just received.

Training your Mind

You must understand that receiving the offer in the first place means that the job search process has reached the next level. The aim of the interview is to obtain the offer and pass all the rounds diligently. Then comes the stage where you can weigh that offer and negotiate it with your new employer. Even though the job is yours, if you want the role, you must be enthusiastic and motivated during the whole process. By sounding doubtful and questioning the proposal, you will be sending the wrong signals. It will sound as though you are not sure that you want the job. Recruiters need to see and think that you are really committed.

Be Logical

Now you need to focus on what is important for you, both in your professional and private life and then evaluate the offer. In the end, money is one of the key factors in job satisfaction. As a result, it all comes down to being satisfied to attend office and making X amount of money OR hating your job and making X into 10% of the money.

Here are some important factors to take into consideration as you evaluate the job offer.

Be the cheerful tough guy
Be open when you are making the deal. Everything can’t be negotiated, and once you’ve agreed on something you can’t go back on it and vice versa. So be well-prepared, well-mannered, respectful, and constructive. Your attitude matters a lot. You want to be seen as someone they want to work with.
Say no politely
As always, there will be some give and take, surprise terms and conditions in these negotiations; there is no harm in declining a job offer if you feel it’s not the right fit for you, don’t feel bad to do so. As long as you turn it down politely with good reasons. you shouldn’t feel bad about it as the people you are dealing with are your potential customers, potential advisers, and perhaps even your future employers.
Some Thumb-rules to Remember
Always think, decide and keep in mind what you want out of your job and use that as a base to determine the conditions of the offer you would like to negotiate.
Be specific about your agendas.
Maximizing the cost of the things you are prepared to accept and minimizing the terms you want can help you negotiate with efficiency.


Be critical, aggressive or suspicious when being questioned something about the offer.
Negligence in considering and realizing your alternatives.
Ignore your gut feeling. If your senses are telling you to walk away, you should not take the job, listen.
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