Group Discussion Tips You Must Know!

One of the major steps followed by companies in the recruitment process is Group Discussion Round. When it comes to testing communication, subject knowledge, discussion ability, listening and team work of candidate then none other than Group Discussion round can give your best analysis. People who have gone through group discussion sessions during their interviews might have observed its importance and once it has been qualified then everything seems easy ahead. If you are searching for few tips to crack this GD session then the details below can help you to craft your strategy.

  • Generally, GDs are conducted on the basis of four topics: situation, abstract, social/ Factual and current affair based. You must clearly know about your abilities in any of these as for example if someone follows news on regular basis then he/she can score well in current affairs. Those who are good in the debate will find social or factual topics more interesting whereas book readers have the ability to deal with situation and abstract based topics.
  • In case if you are having good knowledge about the topic then it is good to start the discussion first otherwise take an idea from other’s viewpoints and then enter into the discussion as a 2nd or 3rd speaker.
  • When you are offered sometime before GD then try to write down some advantages and disadvantage of the topic and prefer to generate a 3 point structure with your ideas.
  • If you are going to start the GD then it is important to define the topic first in one of two lines so that a well-defined structure can be formed.
  • If you are going to be the 2nd or 3rd speaker then reword the topic explanation first and then propose the missed points along with few cons and pros.
  • You must frame two or three points necessarily for your turn and try to finish the properly while facing an interview for bpo jobs.
  • People who are going to speak afterward must add focus to already spoken points while building them in much better manner. Or if you have some better ideas then prefer to provide new dimensions to the given topic.
  • It is important to be more creative for abstract type topics. You must pitch all major sides of the argument if you have got a socially inclined topic. Prefer to include some viewpoints of experts from some articles related to current affair type topics. And in case of situation based topics, it is good to frame few guidelines and follow them to build up a healthy discussion.
  • It is not good to be highly self conscious while rehearsing or thinking a lot about your points. You must use this time to listen what others are saying so it is good to get engaged with the discussion so far.

Interviewers always prefer to test several parameters related to the candidate so try to focus on overall presentation. The way you build topic for discussion, how you agree and disagree at times, listening skills and way to counter viewpoints without offending others. Focus on your body language

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