Free Job Posting

Free Job Posting

Axpert Jobs is one of the free job posting sites for employers in India that assists recruiters, and business owners to publish unlimited job vacancies. Post a job in 3 minutes and let us help in finding the best talent for the job vacancy posted. Take advantage of Free Advertisement of the Job listing on Social Media and Search Engines.

Advantages of posting jobs on the free job posting sites.

  1. Saves Cost
  2. Job listings get more visibility
  3. Submit multiple job listings

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Jobs can I post for Free?

All recruiters can post unlimited jobs for Free. All we ask is all jobs posted here should be real.

Do I need Credit Card to post a job or jobs?

No. Axpert Jobs is a Free Job Board where we do not ask any financial information like credit cards, debit cards for posting job vacancies.

Do I need to register to post jobs?

You need not register separately to post jobs. Once you have posted a job here on this page an account is created automatically and the password will be sent to your email.

Need help with Job Posting Form?

Please read the blog on Job Posting Guidelines for all job posting form questions. Also, you can ask any questions in discussion forums.

How long will it take to approve a job posting?

We approve most of the jobs that are genuine within 24 hours. We will not approve any jobs that request money or commission.

Are there any free job posting sites we have partnered with?

Yes, currently we are working on job category-specific job posting sites that will be launched soon. You can post jobs for free at

Where can I find the list of Free Job Posting sites in India?

We have compiled a list of 55 free job posting sites and internationally that you can use to promote the job vacancy.

Networking groups managed by Axpert Jobs in other social and professional platforms.

In linkedin we manage two groups.

  1. Software Jobs in India
  2. Human Resource

Twitter page: @AxpertJobsIndia

Is there an email address where I can send the job vacancies to?

You can send all the job vacancies to and the Jobs team will update the same in your account.


  1. You need to have an account on the job posting site. Click here to register.
  2. We will need the following content in order to publish the job vacancy on the job posting site.
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Job Category
  • Location
  • Salary (not mandatory)



How can I post a job on behalf of my company?

Open an account using your official email id and submit the job posting. Update the company details in the job posting form.

How can I hire employees for free?

You can hire employees for free by submitting the job requirements on free job posting sites and paid.

How to contact support regarding concerns or issues?

You can email or ask questions on our discussion forums.