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Internet has made everything easily reachable and accessible. Even when one wants to seek a job, they don’t have to go to the offices themselves to drop their CVs, for walk-in interviews or go through the newspapers daily to find the job relevant to their fields. Now there are online job portals which are way more efficient, faster and reliable than the conventional means of job hunt.

Job hunting has never been easier!

Axpert Job Board is the leading online job portal that offers great services to its users. With an amazing user-friendly interface and efficient search engine, we are committed to benefiting both the employers and the job candidates equally. Our Job Board matches the job candidates with the employers in such a way that the candidates’ qualification, skills, and attributes coincide with the employers’ requirements.

The Job Board that matches employers with the right candidates for their jobs!

Axpert Job Board is a free-for-all platform from job posting, search jobs or career advice’s. It doesn’t charge a single penny and provides all of its services free of cost. Registering is very simple, all we need is your email address for this purpose. You will be asked to pick a Username and Password and select whether you are a candidate or an employer. Once you are done filling in the required brief information, you are set to go. You can sign in using the selected Username and Password and can use the platform as you deem necessary. If you are an employer, you can post an advertisement for the job and if you are a candidate looking for a job, you can search it using our search option and all of it is FREE. Yes, you heard it right.

We do not charge any money from both the employers and the candidates!

You can post as many jobs you like, there is no restriction as long as the job post doesn’t violate the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of Axpert Job Board. Our Job Post Form is very detailed that collects all the relevant information regarding the job description and the things that the employer is looking for in the potential candidate. An employer cannot only post the job for full-time employment, the posting can be done for part time jobs, freelance jobs, and internships. The employer can provide the company’s website link, links to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

We maintain a close link with all the social media networks!

We need a unique service to its users which allow them to restrict their posts and searches to a certain region. For this purpose, our website has a map that allows you to surf through and select your required destination. Employers can restrict their posts to a certain region if they want candidates to apply only from that region.

Built-in Map helps in searching for the candidates and jobs from a specific city!

For candidates, there is a job alert system which Axpert Job Portal proudly offers for its users. Candidates can sign up on our Job Board and submit their resumes. They are asked to fill in the forms which ask them of their skills, abilities, attributes, interests, likenesses and all the information that is relevant to their career. This information becomes a part of the user’s profile along with his resume. Now an algorithm continuously matches the user’s profile with all the job postings and alerts the user when there is a match. All the information regarding the job posting will be released to the user so that he can contact the employer or apply directly.

Job Alert notifies the Users regarding an opportunity whenever there is a match!

There are specially designed dashboards for both the employers and the candidates where all the relevant information regarding their profile is maintained. The dashboard is a very user-friendly interface which contains the history of the past job applications and current job alerts.

Dashboard is like your personal study table, where you keep all the important stuff!

Axpert Jobs strongly believes in the power of social media and social networking sites. We provide such social networks to Human Resource Departments so that they can effectively hire high-quality resource as well as stay in touch with the latest advancements and research in the field of HR. Axpert also provides such services to the job seekers so they can get in touch with the HR departments of the companies and organizations and avail employment opportunities while sitting in their easy chair. We collaborate with all Social Media Networking sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo etc.

Social Media is the PRESENT and the FUTURE and we utilize it to its fullest!

Axpert Jobs offers Career Connect for all the sectors of the society gather and talk about their careers and careers in general. People ask questions which get answered by experts. People raise queries, discuss issues, ask for suggestions and they are entertained by the other members of the community.

Axpert Groups is getting bigger day by day and topics being discussed are getting diverse.

Axpert Groups is a place where industry based groups are created so that professionals related that group can join and stay updated with news, latest jobs and discussions on diverse topics. Members read the blogs and present their point of view through comments. Axpert Job Board always encourages a healthy debate and that is what happens in our Career Connect. Check out and join our Axpert Groups.

They either learn or end up teaching someone at the end of the discussion.

Event Manager:  They create events related to HR, Career counseling and on other diverse topics which are attended by the members of the community. Axpert Job Board keeps a track of these events which becomes a part of the users’ profile and adds bonus points to it which increases the chances of their employment.

Buddy Drive: All accounts get there own drive, where they can store documents or files privately or publicly based on their requirements. Each Member gets 10MB of space to store their files.

Docs: All accounts get this feature where they can share, edit and store documents online.

Reviews: All accounts have the feature to get or give reviews on companies or any members in the Axpert Community.

Gallery: Upload and share photos of your Buddies @ work.

Axpert Job Board is one the best platforms to join when you are in need of a job or a candidate for the job. Join us now and get benefited!

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