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Have you completed your graduation now? If yes then most of you must be planning for a job as next step for life. That is a great idea but in order to achieve success, you need to clarify all your job goals. Start by crafting a well-structured resume along with appropriate online presence. Now it is time to submit your online application form for job application. If you do not make proper research about the checklist for new job application then probabilities say that you will never be able to hear back from companies. Below are details about some of the most important checklists for your job application:

1. Ensure that you are a perfect match:
First of all, you need to ensure that you are applying for the right job that has requirements as per your skills and education level. There are few core and must have requirements of companies and they never entertain other applicants for such specific jobs.

2. Apply before 72 hours:
Once the job gets published online the best responses are counted for first 72 hours and they are more likely to receive a call back for an interview. If you are thinking to apply for a vacancy then it must be processed within first 72 hours.

3. Tailoring your application:
Instead of going into the hand of HR, the resumes first face the applicant tracking software platform. It helps to club applications on the basis of set parameters and keywords so that only appropriate candidates can be called without wasting any time. Thus you need to frame right application/ resume with keywords that can pass ATS perfectly even if you are applying for Part time jobs.

4. Cover Letter Customization:
Experts say that a cover letter usually follows the length of only one page whereas content can be broken into three major sections. The first one uses to be an introductory paragraph that describes your interest in that particular job. The Second part is lists of qualifications and experiences whereas in third section you will usually find call to action.

5. Right focus:
When you go to the company as a job seeker then they are more interested to know that why you are interested in this particular job instead of listening to your long past history. Focus on your major skills for that field and passion that you have for this particular software jobs.

6. System Advantage:
There are more chances of getting a call back from the company if you have been included in the list after referrals of any existing employee of the company. Never paste your resume over existing application process rather prefer to upload it in document form so that one can easily read it.

7. Professionals email address:
If you are sending an application by mail then ensure that it is your professional email id and it consists of well-written cover letter.

8. Get Prepared:
Once you have sent your document then stay positive and start expecting the call from the company. If you have developed a strong resume then experts will definitely initiate a call to you.

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