Amy’s Donuts Denton Review

What genuinely separates Amy’s Donuts, however, is its commitment to making donuts from scratch.

The store is amusing to visit, yet Amy’s Donuts also deliver the donuts.

My recent in-store order comprised Vanilla Coconut, Zesty Lemon, Blueberry Cake, Chocolate Coconut Yeast, S’Mores, Maple Walnut Cake, and Cherry Fudge.

My top choices were the S’Mores (Chocolate frosting, torched marshmallow fluff, graham crackers), Blueberry Cake, and Cherry Fudge, which had the perfect measure of crunch and buttery aftertaste. Vanilla Cake surprised me too. This flavor probably has been one of the formula redesigns.

We can hardly wait to get our hands on the new donut flavor like Orange Creamsicle and Banana Fudge. Likewise, has anybody tried their Marshmallows Donut?!

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