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Are you just new to Linux? Are you confused about which Linux distribution to learn for your Linux system administration career?

Here’s the great news! Linux commands are virtually identical from one Linux distribution (a.k.a.version, distro) to another.

Linux Tips: The Linux commands we’re talking about here are the very popular GNU / Linux commands that are common to every Linux distribution. These are the essential Linux commands required for Linux system administration, like the cd, ls, cp, rm, pwd and mkdir commands.

3 Reasons for Learning How to Use Linux Commands in Multiple Linux Distributions

1. Your Company May Change to a Different Linux Distribution

Linux distributions change in popularity constantly.

If you work in a company that is currently using just one linux bash distribution, the company may change to a different distribution.

By learning Linux commands, you are learning how to use Linux in all Linux distributions at once!

Linux Tips: Except for a very few differences in the way that a very few commands work, the GNU / Linux commands are identical from one Linux distribution to another.

2. You May Start Working at a Company that is Using Multiple Linux Distributions

If you change jobs, you may be working at a company that uses multiple Linux distributions.

For example, a company may use one Linux distribution for one purpose, such as a web server, and use a different Linux distribution for another purpose, such as a firewall.

Linux Tips: When you get Linux training that focuses on Linux commands, you learn to work with all Linux distributions, regardless of what the Linux distribution is being used for.

3. You Don’t Know What Linux Distribution You’ll Be Using When You Get Hired After School

If you are currently getting Linux training at a college, university or technical school, you don’t know what Linux distribution you’ll be using when you finish. So why not focus on learning Linux commands and then you will be able to use any Linux distribution?

How can you get Linux training to learn Linux commands in multiple Linux distributions?

Easy! Just get some excellent Linux videos that are presented by an experienced Linux instructor, and show you how to use Linux commands in several popular Linux distributions. Rare, but available (hint, hint).

Watch part of a Linux video and click pause. Then try these Linux commands yourself!

Easy Linux training – by watching it and then working with it!

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